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ReMoni optimize resources

by clamp-on intelligence

Our goal

We will optimize resources for power, heating, cooling, water, buildings, production, and dis-tribution grids, by clamp-on intelligence.

Thereby we will help our customers fight the global climate and sustainability crisis and earn money while they do it.

ReMoni is all about optimizing resources

Our values

Technology must be for the greater good. It must help built a more sustainable living – and not bring harm.

Profitability is necessary and important for our business – but not why we were founded.

Decency is our way. Both in relation to employees and collaboration partners. In our view decency goes both ways – we strive hard to live by it and expect that our employees and partners do the same.

 Transparency and fairness are core values for us – we believe that decent, fair and anti-corrupt relations pay off in the long run.

Good and clever people should be respected and rewarded, no matter if it is a colleague or a collaboration partner – we work and live as an organism, not a machine.

It all started in 2014, and ever since, ReMoni has been growing thanks to Danish and international partnerships and investments.

Today, ReMoni is stronger than ever before, with 42 employees, whereof 25 are in R&D, strong partners, and group af Danish capital investors behind, as well as the company’s employees as co-owners.