EU R&D project

Today’s success: we have damaged motors in all thinkable ways!

All to train our AI engine systematically for our joint R&D EU project with TUe, EBAS and ICB.

Thanks for the collaboration: Energi- & Bygningsrådgivning A/S, Eindhoven University of Technology _EE_ES, ICB, and many thanks for the support from the European Commission and Michael Rafn.

EU R&D projekt

Dagens succes: vi har ødelagt motorer på alle tænkelige måder!

Dette for at træne vores AI-motor systematisk til vores fælles R&D EU-projekt med TUe, EBAS og ICB.

Tak for samarbejdet: Energi- & Bygningsrådgivning A/S, Eindhoven University of Technology _EE_ES, ICB, og mange tak for støtten fra Europa-Kommissionen og Michael Rafn.

Innobooster inspiration

resave save resources

Do you need ideas for the professional aspect of your Innobooster application?

Then watch tomorrow when our CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen, together with Alexandra Institute, serves expert tips to make a successful application.


Innobooster inspiration

resave save resources

Mangler du idéer til den faglige vinkling af jeres Innobooster-ansøgning?

Så se med i morgen når vores CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen sammen med Alexandra Instituttet kommer med ekspert-tips, så du får succes med ansøgningen.


Installation during lock down

Jesper Brøgger and Omar Meddeb are currently rigging one of our customers’ buildings up.

While the buildings are still empty, with our IoT Clamp-on sensors we get a ‘base line’ of consumption of, among other things:

– Indoor climate

– Ventilation

– Heat

– Water (leakage).


Then we have a good base to help with the above when reopening

Installation under lock down

Jesper Brøgger og Omar Meddeb går i disse dage og rigger én af vores kunders bygninger til.

Mens bygningerne stadig står tomme, får vi med vores IoT Clamp-on sensorer dannet en ‘base line’ over forbruget på bl.a.:

– Indeklima

– Ventilation

– Varme

– Vand(lækage).

Så har vi et godt datagrundlag for at hjælpe med ovenstående når der bliver åbnet op igen

5 ways to improve the ventilation in your building

Ventilation in buildings

Here follows 5 ways to improve the ventilation in your building

We spend most of our time indoor. When we go out it is often with the purpose of getting back indoor either because we are going to school, to work or something third. Much of what we do takes place indoor.

Therefore high quality ventilation is required along with highly competent personnel to manage it. The consequences of inadequate ventilation in the classroom, childcare institution, offices or the production is serious business – it can be uncompromisingly harmful to health.

A world of difference

Correct maintenance of the ventilation system in your building brings many benefits – not only regarding health but also economy. Did you know that 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark is derived from buildings? The ventilation system alone holds a great potential for saving resources.  

Here you get our 5 best advises for a better and more effective ventilation. Feel the difference yourself!


1) Change the filters more frequently during winter

The mixture of dirty particle filters and ozone from the outdoor air can create harmful particles to health, that will be ventilated in along with the clean air.

The particle pollution is greatest during winter. The reasons are road salt, exhaust and harmful particles from wood-burning stoves. For this reason, the ventilation filters ought to be changed more frequently during winter – especially if you have offices facing a busy road or a parking lot.

2) Clean up

Cleaning of valves, supply ducts, ventils and air ducts will minimize the distribution of mold and other harmful particles and at the same time reduce the energy consumption significantly. If the ventilation is not being cleaned, the power consumption of the installations risk to raise, go down or cause a production stop. For this reason, cleaning is an essential link in the maintenance of your ventilation system.


3) Set up the ventilation correctly

It is a good idea to ensure that the ventilation settings are correct and coherent with the specific use of the different rooms on an on-going basis. If more people suddenly start using the same room, the settings ought to be adjusted for an optimal indoor climate. Non-optimal settings can cause short circuit of the ventilation system and as a result the air will not be ventilated and renewed as it ought to be. This results in a poor indoor climate leading to a significantly raised energy consumption.

4) Remove unnessecary furniture

Furniture can interrupt the air flow in a room, which can deteriorate the ventilation. Especially if the furniture is placed near the injection lock. Additionally, this can cause draught in the room. For this reason, it is a good idea to be aware of how the furniture is placed in the room and if some furniture is not being used and can be removed to achieve a more effective ventilation and indoor climate in the room.

5) Document the consumer pattern of the ventilation aggregate

By continuously monitoring the consumption of the ventilation system you can receive alarms as soon as the energy consumption vary from its usual pattern. Greater fluctuations are often so-called red flags. By documenting and analyzing the consumption pattern you will quickly see signs of wear or failure. These insights enable you to detect and fix the errors before the ventilation system fails and decreases the quality of your current indoor climate.

In addition, you can detect if your ventilation is running non-stop and is wasting large amounts of unnecessary power.
You can detect the changes in ReCalc MoniTor – your new Energy Management Solution (EMS).


New sales tool

Our new sales bell (sponsored by Bo) was inaugurated by Niels.

Nice to end the week with a larger order – this time with bubbles from Pedersborg Vin – Vinspecialisten Skive.

Have a good weekend out there – and remember: Save energy, it costs nothing 😃

Nyt salgsværktøj

Så blev vores nye salgsklokke (sponseret af Bo) indviet af Niels.

Dejligt at slutte ugen af med en større ordre – denne gang med bobler fra Pedersborg Vin – Vinspecialisten Skive.

God weekend derude – og husk: Spar på energien, det koster ikke noget 😃