Prevent penalties on your district heating

Spar på fjernvarmen

District heating and cooling are worth a lot of money. With the right insight you can prevent wasting money on additional bills.

Spend the money right

As a commercial district heating customer you automatically return the heated water to the heating plant after using it. If your return water happens to be too hot, there will be an energy loss. The raised temperatures require more water to produce the same amount of energy as with colder water, whereas you risk getting an extra bill.

Avoid additional district heating bills with the right return water temperature

When the temperature of the return water is too hot, the heating plant can do two things to ensure enough hot water for all:

  • They can send more water for district heating into the grid and thereby in circulation, resulting in a raised energy consumption. Otherwise:

  • They can raise the water temperature, resulting in a raised energy loss in the grid.

After all, optimal cooling can both save you and your surroundings for resources. 

Fact: Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of the total energy consumption.

If you manage to deliver cooled return water, the heating plant will need to warm up a smaller amount of water before forwarding it to the next consumer. If your return temperature is low, the cooling is good. In this case you have been good utilizing the energy – maybe based on temperature insights.

Monitoring your cooling is a good investment

Expenses to cooling is a significant cost in most budgets, and it does pay off to check up on it. Additional bills on the district heating is a reality for many businesses, but it could easily have been avoided with improved consumption insights. By knowing the temperature on the in-run and out-run you are able to adjust the water temperature before the water is sent back.

Made easy by novel technology

ReMonis temperature sensor HeatMoniSpot provides you with an overview of the temperature of both in- and out-run. By combining AI and cloud-data HeatMoniSpot provides you with a user friendly overview of the water temperature on an ongoing basis. Exact data monitoring, as often as every 5 minutes makes it easy to localize the hours added to the bill marked “district water heating” and not at least act upon it.

Beside cooling of the district heating, you can save money by being aware of your other installations. You can use HeatMoniSpot to find and fix various errors.

Does your Building Management System turn on opposite functions at the same time?

To ensure harmonious installations you need to be especially aware of locations where heating and ventilation are both being used.

When an incident such as a power shutdown occurs, the settings are often reset, and the two functions suddenly run accordingly. Based on data you can ensure harmony in your installations by knowing for sure that warming and cooling systems at the same locations are not running at the same time – and thereby save time, money and resources.  

Minimize costs and CO2-emmision with harmonious installations

Yes, it seems logical. Nevertheless, errors in operation take place every day, all year around in all kinds of buildings. Monitor your operation to fix errors and save a lot of money.

HeatMoniSpot provides you with real time data insights. Act on facts.

Energy waste can be avoided with improved insights in your consumption – as provided by HeatMoniSpot. Acting in time can save you for a significantly raised bill. 

There could be large amounts of money to safe.

Still curious? In a house full of highly skilled engineers, we understand you. Therefore, we made you this bonus read about errors in the Building Management System and user over-steering.

Unsuccessful heating? Find out where and why in ReCalc.

There can be multiple reasons for unsuccessful heating. No matter the error you would be able to detect and localize it in ReCalc – the cloud platform presenting the data on your heating or cooling performance, etc. in a user-friendly solution. Check it out on youtube here.

Track the errors

Based on the patterns in ReCalc the errors can be tracked back to defect shunt ventils, broken radiator thermostats or something third. ReCalc makes it easy to find defects causing abnormal ups or downs in the consumption pattern. The only thing you need to do is to log onto ReCalc.

You can find everything you need to know about ReCalc here.

ReMoni receives 1.8 million € to develop ultrasound-flow metering

Bo Eskerod Madsen Verdensmål 13

ReMoni receives 1.8 million EUR to develop ultrasound-flow metering


The GreenTech company ReMoni has been boosted with 1.8 million € to expand their existing platform. ReMoni produces clamp-on monitoring of energy and technique in buildings and production and receives an atypical investment consisting of both public and private funds. ReMonis development project clamp-on flow metering has been granted an Innobooster grant of 480.000 €. ReMoni is grateful for the faith shown by the Danish Innovation Fund.

The investment from the Danish Innovation Fund of 480.000 € will be matched by a private investment of additional 1.350.000 € from the ReMonis co-owner and Chairman, Kenneth Iversen. Kenneth is an experienced and successful businessman with a strong set of values about decentness, responsibility and not at least to make the employees co-owners of ReMoni.


Kenneth is an experienced and successful businessman with a strong set of values about decentness, responsibility and not at least to make the employees co-owners of ReMoni.



Danish sustainability

ReMoni is a Danish company aiming to find savings in production and buildings by effectively finding and fixing operation errors and waste. ReMonis solutions is based on new, intelligent technology and stands out by its price. The price for this innovative water and heating metering can be shorted down to 1/5 of the price on the competitors’ meters on the market.

ReMonis clamp-on flow metering uses ultrasound to monitor flow – flow meant as the amount of liquid running through a pipe during a chosen period. The million investment has been awarded for second phase in the development of the clamp-on flow metering for water and heating. Where the first phase was development of a prototype, the second will be further development towards a fully mature product. This smart kind of metering can be done from the outside of existing pipes, so you avoid cutting into pipes to install the measurement probe.


” By uniting for investment in green technology for easy and cost-effective flow metering Kenneth Iversen and the Danish Innovation Fund make an excellent example. All involved parts gain a better investment and we contribute to the necessary conversion to address the climate crisis.”

– Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO at ReMoni.


Mission to reduce waste

Development of clamp-on flow metering supports ReMonis mission of waste elimination regarding energy, production and CO2. The company’s CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen started his career as electrician on the countryside and is today holding a Ph.D. in analytical statistics (also known as Data Science) from Denmark and New Zealand. Bo founded ReMoni in 2014 and in 2018 the company moved to larger facilities in a small town called Stilling. In 2021 the company can look forward to moving to larger facilities.

ReMoni får 13,6 mio. til at udvide med ultralyds-flowmåling

Bo Eskerod Madsen Verdensmål 13

ReMoni og Kenneth Iversen får 13,6 mio. til at udvide med ultralyds-flowmåling

GreenTech-virksomheden ReMoni er blevet boostet med et stort millionbeløb til at udvide deres eksisterende platform. ReMoni producerer clamp-on monitorering af energi og teknik i bygninger og produktion og modtager en atypisk investering bestående af både offentlige og private midler. ReMonis udviklingsprojekt clamp-on flowmåling er blevet udvalgt og modtager 3,6 mio. DKK i Innobooster-bevilling. Hos ReMoni er man yderst taknemmelig for den tiltro, Innovationsfonden har udvist ved at give virksomheden en bevilling. 

Innovationsfondens investering på 3,6 mio. DKK bliver matchet af en privat investering på 10 mio. DKK fra ReMonis medejer og bestyrelsesformand Kenneth Iversen. Kenneth er en erfaren og succesfuld erhvervsmand med et stærkt værdisæt om ordentlighed, ansvarlighed, samt ikke mindst at gøre medarbejderne i til medejere.

Kenneth er en erfaren og succesfuld erhvervsmand med et stærkt værdisæt om ordentlighed, ansvarlighed, samt ikke mindst at gøre medarbejderne i til medejere.

Dansk bæredygtighed

ReMoni er en Dansk virksomhed, der opnår besparelser i produktion og bygninger ved effektivt at finde og rette op på driftsfejl og spild. ReMonis løsning bygger på ny, intelligent teknologi og differentierer sig bl.a. ved, at prisen på detaljeret vand- og varmemåling kan nedbringes til 1/5 af prisen på konkurrenternes målere på markedet.

ReMonis clamp-on flowmåling bruger ultralyd til at overvåge flow – altså mængden af væske, der løber igennem et rør over en given periode. Millioninvesteringen skal gå til anden fase i udviklingen af clamp-on flowmåling af vand og varme. Første fase er udvikling af en prototype og anden fase videreudvikling til et markedsklart produkt. Det smarte er, at målingerne kan foretages uden på eksisterende rør, så man undgår at skære ind i rørene for at montere måleren.

”Det er stærkt, at Kenneth Iversen og Innovationsfonden går sammen om investering i grøn teknologi til nem og billig måling af flow. Alle parter får en bedre investering, og vi gavner den nødvendige omstilling til at imødegå klimakrisen.”

– Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO i ReMoni


Mission om mindre spild

Udvikling af clamp-on flowmålingen understøtter ReMonis mission om at eliminere spild af energi, produktion og CO2. Virksomhedens CEO, Bo Eskerod Madsen startede sin karriere som elektriker langt ude på landet, og endte undervejs med en ph.d. i analytisk statistik (også kaldet Data Science) fra Danmark og New Zealand.

Han grundlagde ReMoni i 2014, og i 2018 flyttede ReMoni i større lokaler i Stilling. I 2021 kan virksomheden endnu engang se frem til at udvide med større lokaler.