Nordic Edge in Stavanger, Norway

ReMoni in Norway

Last day at Nordic Edge in Stavanger Norway. SmartCity begins with SmartBuildings.

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Climate Action Summit

Climate Action Summit with ReMoni

Today the Climate Action Summit – hosted by United Nations – begins.

As the whole world hopes for a positive outcome, we at ReMoni are already turning words into real action. Especially goal SDG7 (Affordable and clean energy) is high on our list.

Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday we are available at Nordic Edge in Norway to discus real action in your buildings. Ask us how we can achieve SDG7, point3 without sacrificing comfort – and with a ROI <1 year.

US Tour

ReMoni in US

ReMoni is in the US to expand the ReMoni empire and meet future customers, partners and Value-Added Resellers. Stay updated on our development on our website and LinkedIn page.